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Dino Strike!

There was a time as a kid where I’d do nothing for days other than play Streets of Rage on the Megadrive, the consoles long gone but the memory fondly lives on. There’s been a few flash games that have (unsuccessfully) tried to emulate the look and feel of Streets of Rage, but none have a similar level of addiction as the original game, feeling rather clunky to play. Until now that is…

Dino Strike

Introducing Dino Strike, the latest side scrolling beat ‘em up from Miniclip games. It’s possibly the first flash based game to successfully emulate the look and feel of the original Streets of Rage series from Sega.

The purpose of this game is to defeat the various evil henchmen and clean the streets of their influence whilst at the same time freeing various bionic dinosaurs of the henchmen’s influence which makes for an interesting little twist.

Dino Strike

Like Streets of Rage you have various attacks, you can punch, kick and throw your enemies. And there’s also a plethora of weapons which can be used to make short work of your enemies from knives and baseball bats to pistols and machine guns. Unfortunately no Robocop bazooka special move though unfortunately :(

Dino Strike

As you fight your way through encountering various thugs and criminals, you eventually reach various bosses before progressing to the next stage. They shouldn’t cause much trouble on easy mode but they can get a little more challenging on the harder modes. Most pack a long range weapon which occasionally makes it a little tough to get in close and lay out a few decent punches.

Arguably this is retro gaming in flash at it’s best. The controls are simple and easy to use, there’s no glitches or lag, and it has plenty of replay factor. Simple fun in the age of high end graphics and power hungry consoles, sometimes it’s nice to have a break and kill and hour or so getting back to basics. Going to give this title 10/10 simply for being almost as awesome as Streets of Rage. It’s got the feel and look spot on, without simply copying the game in its entirety. Been waiting a while for a flash game which was able to successfully bring back the days of Sega gaming, and this is definitely it! Kudos to the developers.

Play Dino Strike on Miniclip.com

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